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Roman Vasylenko
Senior full-stack developer, Python, JavaScript, C#

My primary skill - is development of applications, with usage of Python, JavaScript, C#, SQL. Most of time, I'm involved in web-development, but, also, have experience in gamedev projects (Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Source Engine). Feel free to contact me, if you have interesting proposals!

Languages and skills

Python - 3 years of experience as backend developer with usage of Django, PostgreSQL.

JavaScript - 8 years of experience as frontend developer with usage of JavaScript/TypeScript/CoffeeScript, RxJS, lodash, SCSS/SASS. Frontend architecture. Development of modules for web-applications.

C# - 4 years of experience as backend developer with usage of .NET Framework, MSSQL Server. Backend architecture. 6 months as Unity3D developer (scripts, game logic.)

SQL - 4 years of experience with MSSQL Server, PostgreSQL. DB tables organization, writing and optimization of SQL-queries (raw SQL.)

Go - currently learning.

Understanding of


Other/non-primary skills


JavaScript, Python developer in Orderry (Ремонлайн) (2016-2019)
I've joined the company in 2016 as frontend teamlead, with primary usage of pure JavaScript. Large part of Orderry Application frontend is developed by me, many of legacy code is refactored. New core features, business logic, improvements.
C#, Python developer on freelance (2015-2016)
I was involved in 2 major projects with usage of C# and Python. First was a social network for residents of Germany. Second was a large gamedev project Enoch: Underground RPG (scripts, game logic.) There also was some small-mid projects, don't remember all of them.
C#, Python, JavaScript developer in STUDY.UA (2011-2015)
STUDY.UA - is largest ukrainian education company with branches in Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv and other cities over Ukraine. I've joined the company as junior programmer in far 2011 and raised skills to middle-senior level, over the years. I was involved in development of company inner CRM system and sites (back, front). Also, worked as mentor and teamlead for junior programmers.